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People use only 2% of the internet
The Internet is made to establish communication with anybody and have access to all of humanity's knowledge. But instead of getting human interaction for information we interact with other organizations for getting any kind of information. This is because few organizations have maximum control.
Candider helps you to establish communication with other humans to gain humanity's knowledge in real time.
Search & ask anything
Search & ask anything anytime and get public sourced information.
Tab + button to directly ask the information you were searching for.
Introducing Forum
Internet that is yours with infinite possibilities. Ask anything here and get verified answer in just 24 hours.
Candid Feeds
Get daily content generated & inspired by the real life experience of the people like you and us.
Added by you
Generate real time information for yourself and others by asking or adding question to the platform. The answer you get will help others to get information
Verified Answer
This symbol assured that the answer given by the respondent is verified under certain process by Candider.
Privacy First
Get a secured and privacy centered experience of the internet with the help of Private Account.
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